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Our range include laminate, luxury vinyl, engineered and solid flooring. These different textures have one common factor – sleek, streamlined, beautiful design that unifies your enclosed space and acts as a backdrop to the aesthetic additions and alterations that will follow.

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Our Products

Flooring is an integral feature of any room or building.  It is the first element to consider when designing an interior space as it serves as a structural and stylistic point of departure for furniture arrangement, appliances and other considerations.  Choosing the right flooring for your space is imperative, as it can make or break the whole look and feel of the space.

We provide a vast range of attractive flooring options to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.

The wood used to manufacture our flooring products lives up to the highest Standards in all respects, whether it is quality, durability, style or function that is most important to you.  Our flooring options merge a passion of perfection and an understanding of the foundational aspects that make floors so indispensable to spaces.

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The Cathedral Collection

The Kahrs Cathedral Collection is an exclusive range of diverse, stylish and charismatic wood floors. Currently consisting of 18 premium quality designs. The Cathedral Collection showcases a broad spectrum of colours, finishes and grades to appeal to all tastes.




Touchstone Flooring

Touchstone Flooring, from Composite Prime, is a luxury interior flooring system available in a range of authentic wood grain and stone finishes.

Features and Benefits

  • A range of flooring in wood grain and stone finishes
  • Textured 3D surface gives the look and feel of natural wood and stone
  • Waterproof – ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Resistent to indentation
  • Acoustic underlay to absorb and suppress sound
  • Patented one piece drop-lock installation system
  • Compatible with underfloor heating
  • Matching trims for a quality finish


  • A mineral composite flooring range
  • Wood grain finish board size: 1220 x 180 x 6mm
  • Stone finish board size: 600 x 300 x 6mm
  • Scotia Trim size: 18 x 18 x 2400mm
  • Domestic and commercial use (Class 33)
  • Colour stable using colour fast technology (Grade 6)

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Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a cut above the rest in terms of beauty and sophistication.  It provides an assortment of options and only the sky is the limit !  We supply laminate flooring of uncompromised quality which is designed to last for a lifetime.

Most of our flooring benefits from anti-static surface technology to prevent it from attracting layers of dust.  The splash warranty provides adequate protection against surface moisture and spillages and the hygienic surfaces are simple to maintain as the sealed floorboards prevent bacteria from accumulating on the floor.  Laminate flooring allows you to insert the underlay of your choice to make your floor suitable for either heating or cooling.

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring combines the authenticity and beauty of natural products with the rugged durability of vinyl technology.  This waterproof floor has a warm and soft surface to walk on and is easy to install and maintain.  Suitable for installation in both commercial and residential environments.

Luxury vinyl can be installed as a floating floor or glued down.  It is also suitable for use in conjunction with underfloor heating giving you the freedom to enjoy beautiful design  wherever you want it.

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Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring is made out of wood planks that are two or more layers thick giving it an unparalleled level of stability which means it can be installed on any type of sub floor.

Globally, engineered wood is the most commonly used flooring type due to its stability.

Engineered wood is highly versatile and has un unlimited number of applications, when used to make flooring, it looks just like solid and hardwood flooring, yet its standout advantage is that it’s far friendlier to your pocket and allows more room for creative adaptation than solid flooring.

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Solid/Hardwood Flooring

It’s easy to learn why we put so much emphasis on solid and hardwood flooring – It is the sturdiest, most luxurious timber flooring option that is ideally suited for long term flooring projects.

With hardwood flooring, you’re not limited to a certain colour or shade because they have different natural patterns, with no two hardwood floors being identical.

Solid floors can be sanded and refinished several times and increase the value of your home.  Hardwood flooring is a big investment, the returns of which can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Our solid and hardwood flooring range covers multiple species of wood and if you’re at a loss about what to pick for your project, our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the specifications and help you make the right decision.

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