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While never being seen is a core part of the insulation systems that you use for homes and offices, settling for low quality insulation can quickly bring ruin to a building, as cold and damp can quickly lead to rot and other damages to the building.

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Knauf Glass Wool

We provide a number of construction companies with knauf insulation products – winners of suppliers of the year 2015.

With insulation products to cover every part of a building that may need insulation, roofs, walls, floors and basements, these products offer excellent fire protection and a top quality insulation, cutting down heating prices and preventing mould and damp setting in.


PUR/PIR Boards

With excellent thermal conductivity, a high strength to weight ratio and an ability to bond to just about any material, Rigid polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) boards are highly effective and lightweight.

Coming in pre-manufactured boards, these are fast and easy to install taking less time than standards insulation while offering the same – if not better – levels of protection against the cold and damp, while reducing the cost of heating bills with its excellent thermal properties.


Roofing Felt

As the base material to make roof shingles roofing felt is often used beneath other building materials, such as roofing and siding material. It is a membrane commonly used in asphalt built up roofing systems and is used to separate the roof covering from the roof deck.

We stock and supply a selection of roofing felt so that you can get the most suitable product for use on the job. It is excellent to protect the roof deck during construction as it will provide protection from resins in sheathing materials as well as cushioning unevenness and splinters.


Shed Felt

Shed felt is an excellent way to provide protection against the weather for sheds, kennels, hutches other portable buildings,

Our shed felt is a traditional bitumen coated roofing felt with protective and decorative finishes, to suit your needs.


Kit Papers

Our kit papers are used to create a well membrane for timber frame walls, providing primary protection to the entirety of the external wall including joints, sole plates and intermediate floor zones during the construction process and then as a second line of protection against rainwater penetration during the life of the building once construction is completed.

We offer high performance kit paper with high wet strength, water resistance and high water vapour permeability as well as high tear strength and weather resistance. Our Kit Papers are both CE marked and BM TRADA certified, so you can be sure of their quality and reliability.

TF200b Thermo Catalogue   VC Foil Ultra Catalogue


Roof Membranes

We offer both permeable and impermeable roof underlays depending on the application in lightweight and easy to handle roll sizes.

Manufactured by Glidevale and Easytrim, our industry leading roof membranes can be used in cold, warm and pitched roof applications. Call into your nearest branch for the latest stock information


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