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We are experts in supplying sheet materials. Our knowledgeable employees help ensure that the right product is specified and supplied for each customer project.

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MDF & MDF Mouldings

MDF is an engineered wood product consisting of softwood fibres bonded together under high heat and pressure.  MDF is a very smooth, high quality board with an equal density across all of the panel.  It is easily machinable and has no ‘natural defects’ such as knots as seen in other panel products.

We stock a full range of MDF types, sizes and thicknesses including Standard Moisture Resistant MDF, Exterior MDF and Flame Retardant MDF.

MDF Mouldings

Thornbridge Sawmills also offer an extensive range of MDF skirting and architrave in a wide variety of profile designs and sizes to suit any décor style – Traditional, modern and also Veneer Wrapped.

All of our skirting and architrave is moisture resistant, free from any defects or knots and will not warp.

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Panels comprising of at least three layers (or ‘plies’) of thin wood bonded together with an adhesive.  Each ply is usually orientated at a right angle to the adjacent layer in order to improve strength and reduce the probability of shrinkage.

Thornbridge have a full range of plywood as detailed in a wide variety of thicknesses, sizes and types are immediately available ex stock.

  • Hardwood Plywood
  • Marine Plywood, 3rd Party Verified
  • Birch Plywood
  • Sheathing Plywood
  • Concrete Formwork Plywood, Good One Side, MDO, Film Faced.

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Chipboard, sometimes referred to as particleboard, is an engineered wood product manufactured by binding wood particles together with a synthetic resin which is then pressed together under high temperature.  The result is a rigid panel with a relatively smooth face.

A full range of chipboard types, sizes and thicknesses as detailed, are available ex stock.

  • Standard F.R.
  • Flooring P5
  • Flooring P5 Peel Clean
  • Flooring P5 Protect

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Door Blanks

Flamebreak is the market leading lightweight door blank for use in new build and refurbishments.

Engineered 3 layer light hardwood core for an extremely strong, flat and stable blank.

Our team would be happy to help with any enquiries.



OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is an engineered panel product alternative to plywood.

It is manufactured by pressing together three separate layers – each consisting of wood strands orientated in a differing direction for extra strength- under high temperature and pressure.  The resulting product is a highly durable, rigid and reliable board that is suitable for a wide variety of applications similar to plywood products.

OSB has properties very similar to plywood but has a number of clear benefits. Firstly, OSB suffers from no natural defects such as weak areas, knots and core voids as it is made from wood strands.  Secondly, it can be manufactured from environmentally friendly and fast growing wood species and can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

It can also be drilled, sanded, sawn, stained, planed, painted and routed. We have a complete range of OSB available for immediate delivery.

  • OSB 3
  • Site Protect

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Plasterboard Sheets

Our plasterboard sheets are manufactured from the highest quality gypsum and with the use of special additives provide a range of high performance boards suited to acoustic, impact, fire-resisting and moisture resisting applications.


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