We are experts when it comes to providing our customers with the advice and guidance they need to make an informed decision about the timber products they require.

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Our Products

The range of timber products we stock is constantly expanding and we strive to incorporate creativity, functionality, quality, innovation and value into the selections and varieties we offer.

Our sawmill in Grangemouth allows us to manufacture timber products in perfect accordance with individual clients’ requirements and with astonishing speed and precision.

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At Thornbridge Sawmills, we aim to offer a range of PEFC and FSC® Certified timber products where possible and are able to consistently provide goods from legal and sustainable source. If you have a specific requirement for PEFC or FSC® Certified products, please inform our sales team when placing an order and we will aim to supply products that meet your requirements.

Our range includes construction timber, cladding, red pine, hardwood and oak mouldings, and weatherboards. Our confident and able staff are sure to provide bespoke solutions for all projects and will assist you in finding the right products to match your specific needs.

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We stock and supply a number of hardwoods for use in construction and joinery.

Hardwoods lend themselves to different end uses due to the various characteristics found in the timber.  As always, we would be happy to provide you with our expert advice to ensure you get the most suitable timber for your needs.

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Construction Timber

We can provide a comprehensive range of constructional timber.

Imported North European and Homegrown softwood timber for construction work, strength graded to either C16 or C24 is stocked in a wide range of lengths which we can machine to achieve a consistent product.

In addition, we have the facility to treat timber by means of a low pressure or high pressure  process protecting the product from insect attack and fungal decay.

We also offer a choice of two fire retardant treatments.

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We can supply claddings in both Hardwood and Softwood including Redwood, Siberian Larch and Western Red Cedar to various profiles.

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Red Pine

All of our sites stock a large selection of machined profiled Scandinavian Redwood for general joinery, all timber having been machined at our sawmill in Grangemouth.

We also stock sawn Scandinavian Redwood in both Unsorted and Fifth quality in recognised imported sizes.



Accoya is a ‘new wood species’ whose performance credentials have been extensively researched and repeatedly demonstrated. It is a product that has properties, which match those of the best tropical hardwoods, yet, it is manufactured using a non-toxic acetylisation treatment and wood from sustainable sources.

With Class 1 durability, dimensional stability, resistance to mould and insects and ease in machining, the treatment provides a life expectancy externally of 50 to 60 years unprotected with surface coatings. Accoya represents a significant step forward in wood technology. This is the ideal material for exterior cladding, providing improved life expectancy of surface coatings for up to 10 years.

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Accoya is the ideal substrate for a range of stains, lacquers and paints due to the consistent finish achieved through the manufacturing process.

Features and Benefits
The World’s leading technology wood, Accoya is dimensionally stable meaning that any coating applied stays in-tact for longer. Low maintenance and resistant to fungal attack, Accoya wood delivers an extended service life.

Accoya has a 50 year service life above ground, with an equally impressive life expectancy of 25 years below ground, or in fresh water. It is virtually ‘rot-proof’ and is endorsed by TRADA for a minimum service life of 70 years.

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