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We source the best hand and power tools that are the first choice for industry professionals, as well as high-quality sealants, screws, fixings and nails to finish your job immaculately.

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Our Products

Our workshop range provides DIY solutions for projects of any kind.

When buying any timber products, and also if you simply require particular equipment to complete a job, our staff are on the ready to show you our exemplary range of stock and help you select the tools and ironmongery that will produce the best work for your project. The brands we choose to stock are renowned by amateur enthusiasts and construction professionals alike, and are built to be efficient, practical and easy to use.

We also stock SMARTLATCH™ door latches from Dale Hardware – an innovatively designed, handily crafted latch which can be installed in a matter of minutes, unlike regular door latches. This product comes straight from the frontline of the market and is quickly becoming a favourable option for craftsmen in order to save massive amounts of time and energy on fitting traditional door latches for both domestic and commercial purposes.

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Hand Tools

Hand tools are the elementary necessity when conducting your craft, through to hobby, trade and professional woodworking. In association with Toolbank, one of Europe’s leading distributors of hand and power tools, we have access to over 25,000 products and our stock features the best and newest products from this ever-evolving range. The brands in this collection include Dewalt, Black and Decker, Irwin, and Faithfull to name but a few, and comprise hand tools for builders, mechanics, engineers, plumbers, and joiners.

We always seek to offer our customers the best deals on tools to match our timber products, and our staff will be happy to inform you about the latest in-store promotions and offers.


Power Tools

Power tools constitute the workman’s essential items for carrying out woodwork. Almost any woodwork or woodcutting job involves the use of one power tool or several, and we know how important it is to have a set of necessary power tools to utilise in conjunction with our timber materials. Toolbank supplies the larger majority of our power tool range, providing our customers with an inventory of over 25,000 products that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of industry professionals.

Our experienced staff can handpick your power tools for you or help you arrive at a satisfactory decision about the tools that are best suited to your needs. No matter the job or project, or your level of understanding of how the equipment works, we’ll be keen to inform you as much as possible and lead you to making the right power tool purchase.



Our large range of sealants adapts perfectly to any sealing work and is carefully selected to give our customers ease of choice and the freedom of selecting from hundreds of sealing solutions, sourced from the best suppliers in the industry. Sealers act to fill gaps between sheets of materials and seal the material to the surface it is attached to, thus finishing its fitting.

The sealants we stock are specifically manufactured according to their use – the sealants can be used for flooring work, glasswork and glazing, natural stonework, and sanitary and decorative sealing. We also have sealants with different chemical compositions, such as acetoxy silicone, hybrid polymers, neutral silicone and polyurethane, as well as fire-resistant, high-temperature, non-staining and specialist sealants.


Screws, Fixings & Nails

Our world-class suppliers for screws, fixings and nails need no introduction – they are market leaders in all things DIY and have been experts in their field for decades. The screws, fixings and nails we provide have been manufactured with the appropriate complementary sheet materials in mind, so we are able to twin the timber products of your choice with their correct ironmongery counterparts.

Our customers are spoilt for choice – whether it’s screws, fixings or nails you’re looking for, we stock thousands of different products with uses that span the entire range of joinery or DIY work you require.



SMARTLATCH™, brought to you by Dale Hardware, is a new innovative latch that combines both function and style. The latch is available as a passage or privacy latch and has been specifically designed to enhance the aesthetics of a door latch. It can be used with Round Rose, Square Rose and Back Plate Lever furniture. The Push Button Privacy latch works in conjunction with the ‘Arc’ Push Button Privacy handles only, allowing the user to install the same SMARTLATCH™ design throughout the project.

SMARTLATCH™ presents a fantastic set of features, including its impressively quick installation (which can often be completed in under 10 minutes), a unique design, a rotating bolt for universal handling, and a fabulous appearance that is sure to add a beautiful twist to any door. SMARTLATCH™ is suitable for both specification and retail customers, and is available in passage and privacy denominations.

We also currently have a grand offer on these latches, where you receive a free SMARTLATCH™ showblock when you buy 40 or more SMARTLATCH™ products. These showblocks are pre-made with the (3600) ‘Arc’ Designer Passage lever.


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